Happy MOV Year

If it weren’t heartaches and pain?
It’s only been ordinary for many,
As this year comes to a hasty close,
For there is never enough time!
Behold, don’t dwell on past failures,
Dust yourselves off, step forward,
And welcome the year that dawns,
Rife with hope and opportunities,
Another precious chance on offer,
To right the wrongs of yesteryear,
All the brothers around the world,
From north to south, east to west,
Embrace, endear the brotherhood,
Respect and leverage the fraternity,
Take risks, dare yourselves to fail,
Sturdy backbones but open hearts,
It’s the same courage to succeed,
Then reach out to those in need,
At least your former school, indeed!
Painfully loosing its majestic ways,
Crying out for the balm of MOV!
Be patient to teach and restore,
Rome wasn’t built in a day!
Do your share and baton-toss,
Making use of this priceless gift,
Another brand new year unfolds,
Je vous souhaite de bonne année!

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