In love and money

Openly single,
And covertly evil,
Looking to mingle,
With the loaded to nibble,
Till bank accounts cripple.

With me she’s obsessed,
Continuously acting possessed,
Anyone else around is opposed,
As all my ambitions are paused,
Dreams down the drain, hosed.

Devoid of self-respect, I fumbled,
Now hard to see I stumbled,
When challenged to speak, I mumbled,
Can’t think straight no more, the mind is jumbled,
Kin and kith stare in awe, muffled!

When the coffers run dry, my time has clocked,
Now in both eyes I can be poked,
I served my purpose, she’s no more yoked,
Noone but me looks shell-shocked,
By all streets I am mocked.

The loser with whom noone wants to be flocked,
Her mobile phone is forever locked,
In social networks I’m now blocked,
Friends in sync, when near I’m outwalked,
With disappointment and pain, I am overstocked!

Doors no longer open even when I knocked,
Behind, her father ready with a riffle cocked,
If only I had known, I would have walked,
But all in mud I’m now soaked,
For tardiness and love, the chest has been docked!

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