Practice gratitude

Those old ways are for the archives,
I am overworked and way underpaid,
Always chasing ridiculous deadlines,
Constant demands, one after another,
No time, no budget and no support!
Even when I focus, it’s quite hard to see,
It’s a blur, now I’m making misteks,
Woodn’t hurt to cut me some slack!

Yours is an insatiable bottom line,
Figures disappearing into the page,
A ballooning chest that’s never full,
Yet it only grabs and never gives,
Its alibi is fringe benefit for my insurance,
Then overheads for the office supplies,
Missed to mention bonuses for the elite,
Not for me, I am just a subject!

I’ve nothing, only a paltry amount,
Whilst you pay oneself gazillions,
In haste to spend it this weekend,
Among your bourgeois companions,
Yachts bordered by sand and a blue sky,
Stick around for just one more minute,
And say “Please”, that’s all it takes,
It doesn’t cost you no extra penny!

All I need is a little recognition,
Now, is that too much to ask?
Just an effortless pat on the back,
An extended hand makes a difference,
Wear a smile, not an eternal frown,
And cease glimpsing over my shoulder,
Rather be clear on your expectations,
Being unconcise is being unkind!

Adapt to change and practice gratitude!
Say “Thanks” then watch the transformation,
Motivation showering your whole team,
No more forged sick notes, nor absence,
All priorities will soon be completed,
Your dreams realised, each one on time,
Paying you dividends at their own expense,
Soon you will order another private jet!

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