Rich mentality and behaviour

It was time I exit that caring womb,
Overly warm for my thick skin,
Far too comfortable for my liking,
Way restrictive for my large imagination,
Months of captivity for my curious mind,
A little cry of joy signalled my arrival,
Left to my own ways as I began to crawl,
Once I grew heavy for that soaring eagle?
I was left to roam the whole nine yards,
Knowing the contrast amid friend and foe,
Gallivant, I was allowed to become,
As I learnt what’s right and wrong,
I reached out to societies and mingled,
Dancing, shindig under the moonlight!
Figured how to co-exist with other creatures,
And joined the agrarian and hunting clubs,
Explored the abundant fields and forests,
It takes a village to raise a kid!
Be humble and kowtow your upbringing,
But be brave! Challenge the tradition!
Anyone can be born weak and broke,
Your onus is to become strong and rich!

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