Viva Zimbabwe

It’s the 18th of April!
My home country’s birthday,
When I get to experience the best two words ever,
Free alcohol!
In that right order,
Not alcohol-free.

Garbage everywhere,
There has been carnage here,
The party must have been catered,
No one cares for a cleanup,
Eating, drinking and dancing is all that matter today,
Everything else is blown in the wind.

My kind and crazy lot,
Yes, they are my people,
Maddening sight to the external eye,
And unforgiving as it seems,
The ambience is incredible,
Golden and unforgettable, the moment.

A cat drowned in that beer container,
Still my people continue to drink from it,
It has been floating for an hour, they aver,
Being pushed from side to side,
As they dip their calabashes for seconds and thirds,
Pasted, the drunken mind never stopping to wonder!

As always,
It is those who have so little,
That party like there is no tomorrow,
From the small hours of the morning,
To the dark side of the night,
My beloved Zimbabwe is no exception,
Bonne anniversaire!


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